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Monday, November 17, 2008

A new begining for the heavyweight class in the UFC

Saturday at UFC 91 at the MGM Grand Garden,

Couture is again an ex-champion because he simply didn’t have the physical means to handle the massive, 6-foot-3, 265-pound ex-WWE champion.

Lesnar is the kind of fighter the UFC heavyweight division has never had, Big fast and like able by most fans of mma, a ticket-selling, pay-per-view pitching giant whose gift for gab and hyping a fight is only matched by his strength and athleticism.

There aren’t many 265-pounders in the NFL who move as quickly as Lesnar, who after landing a right hand that sent Couture thudding onto his back before a stunned crowd of 14,272 hustled over to move in for the kill as if he were Adrian Peterson dashing toward the end zone.

Lesnar pounced upon Couture and delivered a brutal beating until referee Mario Yamasaki mercifully halted it at 3:07 of the second and gave Lesnar the UFC belt in just his fourth pro mixed martial arts fight.

It’s the beginning of a new era for the UFC, but he will not be alone in the crowded and young crowd of fighters !

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