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Saturday, February 28, 2009

boxing meets MMA?

Rahman's babbling shows boxers simply have no respect for MMA
By S. Cofield
Golfers have to be insulted when they hear baseball players talk about making a run at the Senior Champions Tour when their careers on the diamond are finished. Rick Rhoden may be the best celebrity golfer in the world but he's a far cry from legitimately competing with legends of golf. Makes sense, right? Why then, do we keep hearing about 30 and 40-something boxers wanting to "try mixed martial arts." Hasim Rahman, who is just 10-5-2 in the lousy heavyweight division (really 10-7-1, should've lost both fights to James Toney), now says at age 36, he's ready for a shot at MMA. Good luck bro.
That is just as ridiculous as Anderson Silva, who isn't washed up at all in MMA, saying he can walk into a boxing ring and compete with the world's best boxers. Silva is toying with the idea but may be changing his mind since he's wowed very few during his work at Freddie Roach's Wild Card Gym.
Both sports require years of training. The transition from one to the other at a high level can't be made in six months or with the "I'm going to try it" mentality. Yet Rahman's agent Sandra Gelke says "The Rock" is ready for a cage rumble:
Gelke said that the 36-year-old Rahman is “quite serious about fighting in MMA” and they are currently in negotiations with several promotions, hoping to line up a debut fight sometime in the next 2-3 months.
Two months, huh? Is Rahman thinking correctly about fighting on the lowel levels of MMA or is he going to start calling out elite heavyweights? My guess is that the $2,000 paydays that many MMA newcomers earn, isn't going to interest a guy accustomed to making millions per fight.
The agent also says Rahman's motivation is Kimbo Slice:
“He thought it would be an interesting thing. He’s seen Kimbo Slice fight on TV, and he’s like, ‘I’d like to fight some of these guys.'"
The Kimbo knockout loss to a guy like Seth Petruzelli, who is probably in the No. 30-40 range worldwide at light heavyweight, should have been a warning to boxers, instead it's motivation for a guy like Rahman. Bizarre.
Next we're going to hear about 65-year-old Jimmy Snuka being ready for a boxing or MMA run.
MMA fans should also hope Tim Sylvia chooses not go ahead with his silly plan to box against 47-year-old Ray Mercer. That is a lose-lose proposition. Sylvia, wins and it's a who cares situation because Mercer is a 900-years-old. If he loses, it's a complete embarassment for MMA

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