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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ultimate Chaos Fight ( Bobby Lashley Vs Sapp

Bob Sapp is fighting stateside in just a few days. It's good to see "The Beast" back. But don't be shocked if you see a smaller Sapp against pro wrestler Bobby Lashley on Saturday at Ultimate Chaos in Biloxi, Miss. After years of fighting in the 350-380 pound range, he's down to 320. It's a necessary move. Sapp's gas tank has always been shaky plus he's 35 years old now. All good reasons to trim weight plus when you break a toilet, you're too big.

Listen to Sapp with Larry Pepe on ProMMARadio:

Sapp told Pepe that once he broke a porcelain throne it was time to go on a sushi and ramen diet. Believe me, I'm an expert on fat slobs working in radio, the home of gluttonous pigs. Sapp isn't the first guy that I've heard broke a toilet. It was long rumored that a "big" time Southern California radio host made a toilet tap. There's another story of a national radio host breaking the chair that he was sitting in during his job interview. Both of the hosts now work for one of the three big national radio networks.

It's a little different with Sapp, we know the guy is an athlete. He was never Tank Abbott fat. Anyone who's rocking abs at 350 pounds is freakish. Of course, there are also some who may say that Sapp cleaned up his "supplement" diet knowing he was coming to the states. Either way, he should have a little more stamina facing a high energy guy like Lashley.

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