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Saturday, September 26, 2009

UFC Dana White talks about Rampage Jackson , Retiring ??? ?

UFC president Dana White is disappointed with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s recent announcement that he will be retiring from mixed martial arts to follow his acting career, but he wishes his friend the best and won’t stand in his way.
White was recently a guest of Carmichael Dave on the radio station KHTK (audio here) and talked about Jackson.
“Rampage is a grown man,” White said. “He’s acting like a baby right now, but he’s a grown man. If he wants to be in the movie business, Rampage, good luck to you, man. I hope he makes it big, and I’m not being sarcastic. … I hope the movie thing works out for him. If that’s what he truly wants to do, and that’s what he feels and that’s what he thinks his career is, I wish him all the luck in the world.”
White talked about not getting any warning about the Jackson’s surprise retirement but he still likes the former UFC light-heavyweight and that he won’t stop him.
“I just found out, too,” White said. “Rampage has been a friend of ours. We really like Rampage. I’m not going to get into the battle of who’s done what for who and all that stuff. We’ve done a lot for him and yes, he’s been there and fought. The guys who come in here, they’re fighters. That’s what they do. We give them fights and they fight. And they make money and we make money. That’s the way it works.” “He’s a grown man,” White said. “He can do whatever he wants to do.”

--> You guys really need to realize how much being in this movie means to Rampage.
The thing that brought him and his dad together was the A-Team and to get the opportunity to play B.A. Baracus in the motion picture for the A-Team is something that means a lot to him AND his dad.
So I give respect to Rampage for standing up for his beliefs and sticking with what means a lot more to him, He could fight Rashad as soon as filming was done, but Dana didnt want to wait that long, Dana could EASILY find fighters to fill spots until the fight could go on.
Im sure we dont really know both sides of the story, but Rampage isnt really a bad guy here. Dudes just being sentimental and everyones ripping him apart for it ????
Your Thoughts ??

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