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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Frank Mir says Lesnar may never be the same fighter , if he fights again ?

It may sound like wishful thinking on the part of Frank Mir but the former UFC champ says the illness that Brock Lesnar is fighting may change his life forever. Is Mir objective? Who knows? But the man speaks from experience. The 30-year-old was on the fast track to MMA stardom when a nasty motorcycle accident nearly ended his career back in 2004. For nearly three years, Mir battled physical and mental issues after suffering a broken leg. He finally turned the corner in 2008.

Mir says Lesnar, who's battling a serious intestinal issue that could require major surgery, may never be the invincible 290-pound behemoth that he was before he got sick:

"I don't how successful he's going to be coming back," Mir told DC and The Sunshine Man on ESPNRadio1100.

"That's going to be a question over his head for a while. It wasn't like he was a slick, technical fighter to begin with. A lot of his style went upon his brute power and strength."

Mir says Lesnar, who is seen below looking much slimmer may not physically be able to regain all his muscle and bulk.

"If Brock Lesnar is unable to put on the same kind of size as he had before, let's face it your intestinal system is what absorbs all the nutrients into your body. If that is under stress, is he going to be able to be a 300-pound guy again? I don't know. If that's not the case, I don't think he's going to be very successful as a fighter at 245," chuckled Mir."

Mir also said his opponent should and will go right for the affected area with knees and kicks to his stomach.

Mir is slated to fight Shane Carwin in March at UFC 111 for what could be a interim heavyweight title. Although Mir says if Lesnar can't return until late 2010, he should be stripped of the heavyweight crown. Mir said he was given about a year after his motorcycle accident and was stripped. He would've felt selfish if he had held onto the belt any longer. By S. Cofield

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