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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frankie Edgar upsets B.J. Penn for UFC lightweight title & UFC 112 Results: Anderson Silva Humiliates Demian Maia, As Anger Fans Booo

In a huge upset, Frankie Edgar beat longtime UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn, winning the title with a unanimous 50-45, 48-47, 49-46 decision at UFC 112 in the company's debut show in the United Arab Emirates.
Though he started in the sport as a wrestler, it was Edgar's excellent stand-up that made the difference at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.
In the first round, Edgar's movement was impressive, but Penn still broke through and landed a few punches. Edgar tried for a takedown, but was punished for it, as Penn landed a few clean shots on Edgar when he shot in. At the same time, Edgar was able to punch Penn and even give him a mouse under the eye.
In the second, Edgar continued to show excellent movement as he stuck and moved around the cage. Penn was able to land strikes, but seemed frustrated by Edgar's defense. In the final minute of the round, Edgar did what few others could do -- he took Penn down. Penn immediately rebounded to his feet, but it was a surprise to see.
The third round featured more strong stand-up from the New Jersey native. Edgar won striking exchanges. He again tried for a single-leg takedown but wasn't able to complete it. The next time he went for a shot, Penn moved out of position so Edgar followed through with a headkick.
As the championship rounds began, Edgar still looked fresh as he continued to push forward and move around the cagem while Penn showed signs of tiring. Penn was able to land his trademark jabs, but Edgar was also able to get the best of several exchanges.
In the beginning of the fifth and final round, Edgar was able to take Penn down and keep him there for a few seconds. According to announcer Mike Goldberg, the two takedowns in this bout were the first time Penn has been taken down at lightweight in six years. Edgar continued to stick and move, landing leg kicks and jabs and continuing to look as fresh as he did in the first round. 
As soon as the final bell rang, Edgar raised his arms and his cornermen hoisted him in the air, convinced he was the victor. Penn went back to his corner and leaned on the fence.
"He's the greatest champion ever, and I just beat him!" Edgar said after the bout. "The belt doesn't even fit. Maybe I am a 145-pounder."
Though Penn has recent losses at welterweight, his last loss at lightweight was to Jens Pulver in 2002. He held the lightweight title since Jan. 19, 2008, when he defeated Joe Stevenson..Anderson Silva came into this fight as a champion with a mixed reputation for not finishing outclassed opponents. His bout with Demian Maia did nothing to change that reputation. Silva won a unanimous decision over Demian Maia but won little with the fans.
Silva abjectly apologized to the fans for his poor performance and said it wouldn't happen again.
Middleweight champion Anderson Silva entered as an enormous favorite against Demian Maia. As dangerous as Maia was on the ground few gave him a chance to win it there against Silva. It was a slow fight for the first 90 seconds. Silva finally landed a brutal leg kick. Silva then came at him with a spinning back kick. Then Silva began kneeling to taunt Maia. Silva then began to attack Maia only intermittently. A crazy lunging jab landed for Silva. Maia went for a take down that missed. Then Maia ate a flying knee from Silva and was on his back. The ref forced Maia to stand again to end the round.
Maia entered the second to a contemptuous Anderson Silva. But Maia tried for a take down and got some low kicks for his troubles. But Silva spent most of the next two minutes taunting an intimidated Maia. And that's how he finished the rest of the round. Other than a few flurries Silva threw, the end of the round was a bit of a debacle as Silva taunted his countryman.
The third round continued the dreadful inert pattern of the earlier rounds. Then Silva taunted Maia with an incredible series of movements and threw only a couple of shots. Maia traded a straight for a kick to the body. Silva did the dreaded thigh punch. Silva jabbed as Maia landed then threw Maia off when he shot in.
Somehow Maia had survived into the championship rounds. Silva did nothing for the first minute and drew boos. Silva was doing nothing to win back disillusioned fans. Silva dwindled away minutes. By the end of the round Maia was mocking Silva who did nothing to stop it.
Maia entered the final round looking terrible after blowing a broken nose. Maia attacked madly at the third minute mark but scored no real damage. Silva looked tired but landed with a spinning back kick. Maia shot in for a fruitless take down attempt. Silva circled the ring as an angered Maia waved his arms. Then Silva scored with a combo. Then the ref called Silva for no action and threatened to take a point. Silva did nothing before the end.
Preliminary bouts:
Jon Madsen d. Mustapha Al-Turk (Decision/Unanimous)
Paul Kelly d. Matt Veach (Submission/Guillotine Choke) R2 3:41
DaMarques Johnson d. Brad Blackburn (TKO/Strikes) R3 2:08
Ricky Story d. Nick Osipczak (Decision/Split)
Phil Davis d. Alexander Gustafsson (Submission/Anaconda Choke) R1 4:55
Main card:
Mark Munoz d. Kendall Grove (TKO/Punches) R2 2:50
Rafael dos Anjos d. Terry Etim (Submission/Armbar) R2 4:30
Matt Hughes d. Renzo Gracie (TKO/Strikes) R3 4:40
Frankie Edgar d. BJ Penn (Decision/Unanimous/50-45, 48-47, 49-46) to win UFC Lightweight Championship
Anderson Silva d. Demian Maia (Decision/Unanimous/No scores read) to retain UFC Middleweight Championship. 
n the UFC 112 main event Anderson Silva retained his welterweight title with a shameful display of taunting and refusal to engage. For the first two rounds Anderson was able to hit challenger Demian Maia at will, taunting him and blasting him to the legs, body and head. Maia was unable to get close enough to land a punch or try for a takedown to get the fight into his world. Suddenly a switch seemed to flip for Silva in the third round and he began circling, unloading with far more taunts than strikes. He seemed uninterested in finishing off the clearly outclassed challenger and one got the sense that he was looking to drag the fight out to a decision.
In the fourth and fifth round, Maia began looking to land strikes in an attempt to finish the fight. SB Nation actually ended up scoring both of the final rounds for the challenger and the fight as a whole 48-47 for Anderson Silva.
In the final round Silva spent so much time circling and refusing to engage that referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the action and told Silva that he would take away a point if he continued. The fight ended to a chorus of boos that only intensified as Silva was announced the unanimous decision winner (no scores were read).
At times throughout the fight chants of “Maia” or “GSP” tore through the crowd who seemed to want to see nothing more than Silva punished for his unwillingness to do his job.
Talk continues that Georges St. Pierre will fight Anderson Silva at 170 pounds following this fight and one thing is for sure, Silva will not be able to fight like he did today against the welterweight champion.

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