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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFC's Arianny Celeste 2010 in Maxim Magazine...

How did you get started with the UFC?
I had no idea what I was getting into. I just got a call from my agent that the UFC was looking for an “Octagon Girl.” Basically, they wanted a hot athletic girl and had a cattle call for models, like most auditions. But Dana White himself was there. They asked a few questions and had me throw on the outfit. That was it.

You didn’t have to fight the other girls?
No! I didn’t have to choke them out—though I could probably do that now.

Because you’ve since started training in MMA?
Yeah. I have kickboxing and Muay Thai training now. And I’ve done gymnastics for years and years. I’m pretty flexible. I can do all kinds of things.

Wow. Like what?
I’m double-jointed. I can do some wacky stuff.

Moving on before our heads explode, what’s a guilty pleasure nobody knows you enjoy?
I love sneaking chocolate into theaters and moviehopping. You know, watching multiple movies on one ticket? It was easier in high school.

Would you like to go from sneaking into movies to being in them someday?
I’m a singer. I’d like to provide people with good music to have fun and dance to, but I also dream about acting. I’ve done some…Being another person comes naturally to me. It’s just a childlike quality. I find it easy to pretend. I enjoy it.

How has the UFC changed since you started?
It’s changed incredibly. When we started out, we were doing a lot of smaller venues. I can remember one of my first fights—I was excited because they were flying me out to Anaheim. Now I just got back from Australia, and we’re going to Dubai soon.

Have you thought about joining the likes of Gina Carrano and mixing it up in the ring?
The thought of getting hit in the face does not appeal to me. More power to the women who go in there,Discount Martial Arts Supplies & Accessories but I just feel women should be feminine.

So you’re into guys who are super macho?
Not at all. People always ask me if my boyfriend has to have a six-pack. Look, I’m around that all the time with the fighters. A six-pack is fine, but I don’t really care about physical appearance. I like computer nerds and a guy who can make me laugh. Kind of the silent killer type. Someone who doesn’t need to be the center of attention but can command it anyway. But I’m a Scorpio, so that means I’m crazy. You don’t want to mess with me.

Er, we won’t! Who are you dating now?
I’m actually going to a fan’s prom soon.

Yeah, he did this series of videos on YouTube asking me to his prom. He would even come to fights with his friends holding up signs that said be my prom date! He’s this 17-year-old kid, and it was sweet, so I said yes.

Is he going to get to make out with you?
No. Maybe. Oh, I don’t know! I guess if he plays his cards right…

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