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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Joe Rogen talk about CBS StrikeForce Brawl !

Strikeforce's April card is pretty much dead and buried. The fighters have been fined and most have served their full suspensions. The main culprit in the explosion, Jason Miller, even swallowed his pride and took the blame.

"Maybe I kind of gave Strikeforce a black eye," Miller told Joe Rogan during the UFC analyst's weekly podcast (1:49 mark).

That's good to hear. After all, it was Miller who found his way into the cage and got in Jake Shields' face as he was on the microphone commenting about his huge win over Dan Henderson. Then Miller, with a smirk on his face, asked for a rematch, and Shields, along with the Diaz Brothers, responded by trying to punch "Mayhem." He was knocked to the ground, kicked and punched in a 7-on-1 situation.

"I brought some attention to us. But I gave Strikeforce a black eye by causing that whole drama," said Miller.

That's when Rogan cut him off.

"The people who should get the blame are the people who let you in. No one should've let you in," said Rogan.

Correct, they deserve a tiny bit of the blame. But how would they know the fighters wouldn't be able to control themselves? Can't you place the blame for any fight on the situation, atmosphere or setting?

"There were too many [expletive] people in the Octagon," said Rogan. "It was you who was an unwanted person in the Octagon and you were interfering with someone who was getting their glory."

Now Rogan is starting to make some sense.

"You get a bunch of [expletive] dogs together," said Rogan. "And dogs start growling and [expletive] happens. You can't get mad at the dogs."

Lovely, now we're comparing MMA fighters to uncontrollable dogs? Can we hold press conferences anymore? Maybe no one should be in the cage following a fight except for Rogan/Gus Johnson and the fighter. All camps need to exit immediately. There's a lot of excuse making here.

Bottomline is that Miller blew it, he knows that. Shields blew it, he knows it. The Diaz Brothers blew it, they'll never get that. But everyone needs to stop making excuses for what happened. Three-month suspensions were handed down. Miller cost himself the first shot at the vacant Strikeforce middleweight title, Nick Diaz cost himself a June fight, and Shields bought himself a ticket out of the promotion and a reduced deal with the UFC.

The sport has a fragile image with most non-fans and has to be careful not to provide any material for opponents of MMA to use in trashing the sport and labeling it barbaric

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