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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rashad Evans Jon Jones in fight in Las Vegas nightclub ?

What happens when you bring every fighter on the Zuffa roster to Las Vegas in one week? Night clubs see a surge in patrons with cauliflower ear, and tensions between former-teammates-almost-opponents boil over.

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, the former champ who was supposed to fight Jones, ran into each other at Surrender, a club in Encore in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the two nearly came to blows until welterweight champ and peacemaker Georges St. Pierre came between them and talked them down.

This is the latest chapter in their soured friendship. Evans and Jones trained together until Evans was injured before a planned title bout. Jones was given that bout, won the belt and then said he would fight Evans, going against what the two had previously agreed upon. Since then, they've had a war of words through the media that bubbled over at Surrender. Everyone was said to have left with a smile, so it must not have ruined their evenings.

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