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Sunday, October 30, 2011

ufc 137 Diaz impressive win over BJ Penn retires ?

the word on the street is after Diaz impressive win over BJ Penn, and the comments of Nick "i am a poor ambassador of the sport of MMA in every way" Diaz toward GSP and him being afraid and not injured, GSP requested that Condit step aside so that HE could show Diaz he is not afraid and let fight Diaz next and Condit agreed. so with that said, WAR GSP!!! beat some respect into that little punk! No disrespect to Hioki, he fought his fight and much love to him for that, but in no way shape or form did George Roop lose that fight, at all! 2 out of 3 rounds to Roop, solid! something has to be done about the judging in MMA, the community off MMA and its fans should be outraged. Tucson native George Roop just dismantled, dominated a top 5 fighter and lost, this is unexcitable. The UFC will not cut Roop for this and he will be given another shot to redeem himself im sure, but he shouldn't have to...Roop, your home town and fans are proud of you. WAR ROOP!
GSP Scared

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