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Friday, October 25, 2013

"BREAKING NEWS!" of mma all time: Tito Ortiz has pulled out of the Bellator PPV with a neck injury ?

Tito Ortiz drops out of the Bellator PPV main event against Rampage due to injury...It appears that Tito Ortiz’s neck has once again collapsed under the weight of his massive head (via MMAFighting):

Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view has been hit by the injury bug.

Tito Ortiz suffered a neck injury in training which will keep him out of next weekend’s fight against Quinton Jackson, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Bellator is currently seeking a replacement for Ortiz, and it is unclear at this time whether Jackson will remain on the Nov. 2 card. There is a chance next weekend’s pay-per-view card turns into a Spike show with Jackson being moved to another event.

Well, at least Tito didn’t wait until 3 days after the fight to announce that he had been injured the whole time. It’s what we like to call “progress
Who should step in to fight?

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