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Saturday, October 19, 2013

UFC 166 Cain vs Dos Santos main card fight breakdowns and predictions

UFC 166 tonight!! Cain vs Dos Santos. Here are my main card fight breakdowns and predictions!

Dodson Vs. Montague
This is the fight starting off on the complete opposite side of the weight scale. Dodson and Montague are both some of the very best Flyweights, Dodson a former title contender, and Montague is in his Debut, but was still considered by many to be the best in the flyweight. Montague has a wonderful wrestling game, but Dodson has all the ability to keep it standing, where his incredible quickness, and powerhouse strikes are gonna break the deal. This will probably be a ver fast paced fight from start til knock out.
Dodson via TKO round 2

Gonzaga vs Jordan
Gonzaga has his highlight reel finish, but has a suspect chin. I think this fight is gonna start off with a few pick your spot shots, but eventually Jordan with his great former football athleticism, and God like power, is gonna start taking the fight with a few strikes, where he will be more aggressive and win the KO.
Jordan via KO Round 1

Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez
From here on out, its gonna be battle of the Aggressors in each bout. Its always hard to choose on a Sanchez fight, because you never know which man to expect. Although I expect us too see a very fun Sanchez. He is looking fit as hell, and mean, we're gonna see a mix of The Nightmare and The Dream, that being said... Sanchez's strength vs Melendez is in the wrestling, I believe both fighter are going to come out pushing forward back and forth. Sanchez's game is only so strong when he is pushed back though, and Gilbert had the ability to take down Former champ Benson Henderson. I believe the Diaz team mate is gonna take this to the end, but by no means will it be a boring decision, expect to see possible FOTN.
Melendez Via UD

Roy Nelson vs Daniel Cormier
Its always hard to bed against Roy Nelsons Right hand, but DC is an incredible athlete. Both are looking fit, but I would bet my money on DC's Cardio vs. Nelsons Punch any day. Its gonna be whoever pushes forward most, but DC will eventually take that with his superior striking, and on the spot wrestling. DC's biggest weakness appears to be kicks, but he doesnt have much to fear from Roy Nelson, who was taken down by Frank Mir multiple times, who is not near the wrestler that Cormier is. Cormier will take this to the third, where a chance of TKO is possible, but Nelson isnt an easy one to finish, even when gassed out the way Cormier will be able to make him.
Cormier Via UD

Velasquez vs Dos Santos
THIS is the fight we have all been waiting for, possibly the most anticipated match of the year, the trilogy between Velasquez may be coming to an end. I would never bet money on this fight, because Dos Santos can always land that KO strike, but if he doesnt, he will lose. Again, this all matters on who the most aggressive is, but I think Dos Santos will only be able to resist Cains forward pressure for so long before it goes to hell for him. A lot of people believe Cain pushing forward the way he does leaves him open, which technically it does, but the way he pushes forward with combos, and changing levels and angles, really closes off the offense of his opponent, Including JDS. Cain is going to want to prove his ability to finish, but will not kill strategy for it. He fights like a Welterweight and after the second round, he will not have as much to worry about from JDS as long as he worked the first two right, and gassed out his opponent. JDS will be looking to land a highlight reel kick or overhand right, both which may leave him open for Cains quick Takedowns, where Cain will grind and beat JDS for as long as possible. It all ends in the third round though, when Cain looks to prove JDS's statements wrong, and puts an end to it with punches.
Cain Velasquez Via TKO Round 3


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