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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five of the Craziest Revelations in Mike Tyson’s New Book ‘Undisputed Truth’

Here are five of the craziest revelations via RadarOnline:
◾He boxed while on drugs. Cocaine and marijuana, to be exact; this happened before a 2000 fight, which he won. He also took unnamed drugs before 2004 fight; he ended up the loser in that one.
◾He used a fake penis. It was filled with clean urine and called a “whizzer” by Tyson; he used it to pass drug tests.
◾He went to a witch doctor for help. At the time, he was hoping divine intervention would keep him out of prison for rape; before trying the witch doctor’s advice (it involved releasing a pigeon), he turned down the advice of a “hoodoo woman” and a voodoo priest. Of course, none of it worked anyway.
◾He once kicked Don King in the head. He flew to meet his former promoter in King’s private jet, did drugs the whole time, and ended up attacking King after he picked Tyson up at the airport in his Rolls Royce.
◾He also beat up fans who asked for autographs. Not every time, of course, but when he was in a bad mood. He relates one 2003 example in which he chased a few fans up an escalator and knocked one of them out.

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