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Saturday, November 16, 2013

UFC 167 tonight! Fight breakdowns and predictions #UFC167 #RT


Prides Fight Breakdowns

Its here! UFC 167 tonight! Fight breakdowns and predictions

Usually I do breakdowns of the Main and Co main event, however today I will be doing three breakdowns for you guys.

Macdonald vs Lawler
Macdonald has been impressive, and even before beating his first top competition vs Ellenberger he has been in talks to be the next Welterweight champion. Macdonald is GSP's Protege and is looking phenomenal, though with a lackluster performance in his last fight, receiving plenty of criticism from Dana White and fans, Macdonald may look to change things up a bit, and go for more risks. Rory is a robot, but he's still a young guy and that kind of talk from your boss may change things. That is still a major "IF" though. Robbie Lawler has been a whole different animal since coming back, finishing Koscheck and Voelker with strikes. The way Lawler forces his will onto his opponents so far is fun for fans to watch, and difficult for fighters to beat, but I think its his experience that will really be the factor. This is a bold prediction, and I may receive plenty of criticism, but I believe his skill and style, along with his experience, will allow him to really pick out the flaws in Macdonalds game and prevent Rory from jabbing to decision. The only real question is if he will prevent Rory from taking him down, but I can really see him pulling through by pushing himself onto Rory like we saw Condit do in the third round of their fight, and finish Rory in Round 2.
Robbie Lawler wins via TKO Round 2

Evans vs Sonnen
Evans has been said to be a small LHW fighter, and Sonnen is a usual Middleweight contender, however moving up since losing twice to Anderson Silva. Both men are looking to make a redemption shot at the title, Evans fought Jones to a one sided decision loss, while Sonnen was dominated and lost in round 1 of his fight against Jones. However Sonnen came out and looked phenomenal against former champ, Shogun, finishing him in the first round. Sonnen will come out charging, and looking to land a takedown. He will be relentless to take it to the ground, although Rashad, even though only having a 65% successful takedown defense rate, is known not only for his striking, but for his takedowns and takedown defense. Whether or not it will be enough to stop Sonnens relentless pace is a whole other story. However, the real X factor is the distractions Sonnen goes through, he's so busy he doesn't get to focus on training as much as Evans does, but I still imagine him landing his takedowns. The only way I see Evans winning is by submission, however with only two submissions in his whole career, and one being by strikes, none landed in the UFC, I don't see that one happening. I give this to Sonnen.
Chael Sonnen Wins via Unanimous Decision

GSP vs Hendricks
This is going to be what I believe a very exciting fight. Everyone knows Hendricks has the kinda power to knock out anyone at any given time. But a lot of people forget that GSP was feared in the UFC because his brutal yet extremely talented striking. He may not have any straight KO's, but with the technique he brings he doesn't need them. Hendricks is going to come out, looking to land his big strike, he said he is willing to eat a jab to get there, but I'm willing to bet when GSP lands a stiff jab to Hendricks eye while he is coming at him, it'll slow Johny down a bit. I think the huge difference we are going to see is GSP really pressing the action, he will use his 7 inch reach advantage, along with his karate background to keep away from Hendricks punches. Johny has KO power, but his striking isn't the greatest in the Welterweight, and we saw that against an advanced striker like Condit, where Hendricks practically just lunged his strikes out there over and over again, the difference between that fight and this fight is GSP isn't going to risk it like Condit did, and will be able to avoid being hit. GSP wins by decision, but he dominates his fights, whenever he feels he is in danger, he will go for the takedown. Hendricks is a great wrestler, he has the same takedown defense rate as GSP's last opponent, Nick Diaz, who was able to stuff GSP's takedowns a few times, however, the difference between Hendricks and Diaz is the strikes. Diaz has a solid base on all his strikes, while Hendricks, with his short reach, again, has to lunge in at a distance to try and get his opponent, which will serve well for GSP, who will be able to time that to prevent Hendricks from stuffing his takedowns, or even getting the chance to stuff them. GSP will be pushing the pace more and taking Rick Story's advice to take the fight to Johny, not only because it worked for him, but also because Hendricks cardio is questionable after his fights with Condit and Koscheck. We could very well see GSP finally finish a fight, or be finished, but I give GSP the nod and to be safe, by decision.

GSP wins Via Unanimous Decision


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