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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

UFC fighters to get their break down Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman rematch at UFC 168 #UFC168

MMAFighting recently spoke to fifeteen UFC fighters to get their break down of the Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman rematch at UFC 168:

Wanderlei Silva: Anderson will win this fight. He won’t drop his hands to make it easier. If he goes there and uses his muay thai, it’s going to be an interesting fight. It’s the first time in a long time that he’s the challenger, so we have to wait and see how he’ll react to that. I hope he trained seriously because his title is not his responsibility, he’s carrying his whole country on his shoulder. He needs to take this fight seriously and bring the title back to Brazil. If he doesn’t want it anymore, win the fight, leave the belt on the ground and say "I’m done". If he wants to, fight to win.

Renzo Gracie: (Weidman) will win again, you’ll see. He’s really tough. Of course that Anderson has a big chance, he’s a fantastic man, but it’s a bad match-up (for him). Anderson uses that (taunting) to counter attack, that’s how he won a lot of fights. His history in MMA is amazing, he’s done amazing victories with that. He’s fast and hits hard, has a stand up game that nobody else can reach, but (Weidman) has a great wrestling and jiu-jitsu, and he won’t be afraid to fight standing. I always said that if someone had a chance to defeat Anderson was this kid, nobody else would.

Lyoto Machida: Anderson is taking his preparation really seriously for this fight. I haven’t spoken with him too much, but I know he’s training hard. He will surprise a lot of people in this fight and take his title back with a great performance. I was surprised (with the first fight) because Anderson showed he had all the tools to win, but sometimes a mistake can make you lose the fight. It always worked, but not that night. I don’t believe Weidman is that superior. I believe Anderson is way better, more experienced. Don’t get me wrong, Weidman is a nice guy, I always talk to him when we meet, and he’s a great fighter, a great champion, but Anderson is better.

Dan Henderson: Who knows? A lot depends on how Anderson Silva takes him seriously this time. I think he didn’t take him seriously before and he will now. Weidman has a great style and obviously hits hard. He looks dangerous and has the capability to beat him again. You can’t say that (doesn’t taking Weidman seriously) that is the reason he lost. He might lose again and doesn’t do that. But it definitely doesn’t help. I just wished he had done that when I fought him.

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