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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cowboy Cerrone vs Martins knock out, all rights belong to the UFC

Cowboy Cerrone vs Martins knock out, all rights belong to the UFC Daron Cruickshank vs. Mike Rio
Round 1
Rio inches forward on Cruickshank, who paws with speedy jabs to keep “The Wolverine” at bay. Not much action through the first 90 seconds, though Cruickshank whips a few good kicks at the inside of Rio’s lead leg. Rio steps into the pocket and eats a right hand, ties up and hits Cruickshank with a pair of knees to the body before separating. Cruickshank sends a one-two down the center, follows up with another cracking leg kick, this one answered in kind by Rio. The lightweights both try for straight punches, each jumping back and circling out when the other throws. Rio looks to close in with a pair of punches and instead takes a spinning kick to the midsection. Rio dips in with a wide left hook, followed by a short right on the chin of Cruickshank, who answers with another spinning kick. Cruickshank connects with a nice overhand right off a feint. Cruickshank sticks a pair of punches in Rio’s face and follows up with a head kick that sends Rio to the ground. Cruickshank tries to finish with a 10-finger guillotine, can’t get it and instead punches Rio when he stands. Rio dives for a takedown in the last seconds, sprawled on by Cruickshank.
Sherdog Scores
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Cruickshank
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Cruickshank
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Cruickshank

Round 2
Rio shoots for another single and gets stuffed by Cruickshank, who separates with a pair of punches and resets to deliver a hard leg kick. Cruickshank misses with a hook kick but scores with a lovely right hook-body kick combination. Rio blocks a high kick and counters with a counter left hook. A right hand on the chin nearly takes the legs out from under Rio, but he stays up and continues trying to close the distance on Cruickshank. It’s no easy task, as Cruickshank is doing well to keep Rio at bay with jabs and kicks. Rio moves in for a takedown, only to be taken down by Cruickshank and wind up on the mat. Rio grabs hold of Cruickshank’s left leg and goes for a heel hook, forcing Cruickshank to go on the defensive. It takes a minute, but Cruickshank is able to step over and extract his leg, winding up in north-south position with Rio on his knees. Rio stands and circles out, only to eat a huge wheel kick on the face. Rio is dazed, leaning against the fence, and Cruickshank bombs him with punches until Rio slumps to the ground and ref Herb Dean waves it off.
The Official Result
Daron Cruickshank def. Mike Rio via TKO (Wheel Kick and Punches) R2 4:56

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