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Friday, May 1, 2009

Canseco and Choi to take the term 'circus fight' to new level?

Jose Canseco is a 'roided up freak-of-nature who is disliked by pretty much everyone and looks for publicity at every chance. Now if he could only find a freak show fighter to help him jump into the MMA game.

Ahh yes! Hong Man Choi, the 7'2" South Korean who has lost to Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Cop, is going to fight Canseco at DREAM 9 on May 26 in Tokyo. I'm not sure what Canseco's aim is in trying out MMA -- maybe he's just really broke -- but it should be hilarious. This fight is part of DREAM's open weight tournament, meaning that if he wins, we'll get to see Canseco fight again.

Outside of Fedor and Cro Cop, Choi has just one other pro fight, a win over Bobby Ologun. Canseco's fight experience is limited to celebrity boxing, where he was knocked out by former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema. Apparently, Canseco's stand-up is pretty awful, so he might want to take a crash course in jiu-jitsu in the next few weeks. Then he might have a hope of submitting Choi; otherwise, Choi's astounding reach advantage will overwhelm Canseco.

The rest of the card is actually pretty good. Jacare Souza is fighting Mayhem Miller, Kid Yamamoto is taking on Joe Warren, and Mark Hunt will face Gegard Mousasi.

Why not have a tournament for ALL athletes that have used steroids- that tournament would last for years. OR- a tournament for the few athletes that have never used steroids- wolud probally consist of 2 or 3 matches. guess Kimbo Slice wasn't available for this tournament? I mean if a 'roid freak like Canseco gets on the card, why not a bear like the one Jackie Moon fought? Seriously, this fight is a joke!

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