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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ultimate Fighter Show Highlights !

I'm excited as hell to be representing the USA against the U.K. but not so excited about some of the guys picked to represent the USA. After spending a few days with the team downstairs, I jumped at the opportunity to get into the room upstairs after Kiel Reid and Rob Browning got eliminated. I really like getting some alone time. I'm not the most social guy. Plus everytime I tried to hang around with the U.S. guys it would be nothing but sarcastic comments and remarks.

Even worse was the training, everyone on our team was an expert and wanted to tell you how to do everything better. One guy in particular that was getting under my skin was Cameron Dollar. I was actually nice to the kid for the first few days we were there. There was a day at the UFC training center when he started to cry and said he didn't know if he was gonna be able to make it through. I tried to be a good teammate, give him a pep talk and do what I could to help get him focused. Not even 24 hours after all of this, he started telling all his [expletive] player stories and throwing out all kinds of smack talk. Having 16 guys in one house with no entertainment outlet gets really old, really fast.

The U.K. team on the other hand seemed to be much more mature and polite. Well, with the exception of Michael Bisping, who liked to talk [expletive] trying to mess with our heads. For the most part, I found Bisping funny to be honest. Even though I found the U.K. team more enjoyable to be around, I kind of stuck to myself knowing that we were there to fight them. I didn't want to get to close for comfort.

Dana White said at the beginning this is the best and worst experience of my life. and no truer statement can describe what the Ultimate Fighter was about for me. Being away from my family and my gym was the most difficult thing i've ever had to do. I did love the wish list. We could write down what we wanted and needed, and the next day it would be in our food room.

It was tough to see Santino DiFranco lose to Andre Winner. He looked like he was doing well on the feet landing lots of leg kicks. I think he just got caught with some heavy hits and had he not pulled guard, there could have been a different outcome. DiFranco was our chef for the house. we would have group dinner and I credit him for my being able to cook.

It was a good turnaround to have DaMarques Johnson pull in the first USA win it improved our desire to want to beat the Brits. It was good to be in the house because there was no other distraction. but after a while it makes you restless to want to fight.

Because the sport is constantly evolving and moving in different trends, I think we'e seeing MMA fighters much more well-rounded and technical than in the past. Our pioneers have taught us so many aspects of this sport that the "type fighters" are giving way to more fighters that are well-versed in the "sport" of MMA. The winner and contestants of this season are great examples of that. The great thing about this sport is the constant opportunity to get better and become more informed

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